Introducing Solar Power

For Domestic & Commercial

Ideal For

Residential Buildings

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Villas

Institutions & Vehicles

  • School & Colleges
  • Universities
  • Offices
  • Bus , Trucks ,Boats, Auto & Toto

Market Place & Farms

  • Shops & Showrooms
  • Departmental Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels,Shopping Centers,Farm Lands


We strive to power homes and business at a lower cost while contributing to a cleaner planet.

Note : Selling excess Electricity back to the Grid , depends on you Local Government’s Solar policy .

For customers who already have installed Inverter/UPS with Battery at their Home, Offices etc. just by adding our Solar System you can reduce your Electricity bills & ensures backup system as well .

Grid Connected Solar Power (no Batteries)

Its the cheapest and most convenient systems to install. You are using the existing electrical grid as your ‘battery’. If you need power, you draw it off the grid as before. If you are producing more than using (like during the workday on a sunny day) you export the excess power back to the grid. Depending on your utility, you will get a credit back for your excess production.

Grid Connected Solar Power ( with Batteries )

These systems are connected to the grid just like the other ones, but also have batteries to provide storage to be used during an outage. When your batteries are fully charged, all excess power will be sent out to the grid as before. During an outage, the batteries will run your critical loads until either the power comes back on or the batteries run dry. Ensuring smooth power supply thought the day .

Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Off grid by definition means no electrical grid. If you have an electric meter and an electric bill you are grid tie. Off grid systems are ones where people are not connected to the electric utility. You create, store, and must make all the electricity necessary for your home or Business. You need to know exactly how much power require and how much access you have to the solar resource (the sun).

Off-Grid Cabin Solar Power Systems

Off-grid cabin solar systems are designed for the scaled-down power needs of small homes and remote cabins, going off the grid. The custom designed off-grid solar power systems contain up to 560 Watts of solar panels, ideal for off-grid cabin systems.

Planning a Solar Electric System

To help evaluate whether a home solar electric system will work for you, you should consider the following:

How Many Sun Hours a Day Do You Get?

  • Zone 1      6 hours
  • Zone 2      5.5 hours
  • Zone 3      5 hours
  • Zone 4      4.5 hours
  • Zone 5      4.2 hours
  • Zone 6      3.5 hours

What's the electricity you might use in a month?

Look at your past electric bills and find the month with the highest usage (often summer or winter, depending on cooling/heating needs in your area). The bill should show you the number of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used that month.

The system size -- do you have a roof or area large enough to accommodate it?
The economics -- what's your budget you willing to investment?

Warranty Information: Solar Panel: 25-year linear performance warranty and 10-year product warranty

Guarantee positive power tolerance ( 0-+3% )
Module can bear snow load up to 5400 Pa and Wind loads up to 2400 Pa
High performance under low light conditions ( Cloudy days , mornings and evenings )
Manufacturing facility certified by ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
Chubb products liability insurance , error and Omissions ( E&O ) insurance
Solar Modules & Power Systems

90-105W (Mono)

205-240W(Mono) more.

280-320W(Mono) more.

195-230W(Poly) more.


260-310W(Poly) more.

AC/DC Portable Power System


The daily energy values listed here are for the most efficient units in their class and the information was obtained from Consumer Guide to Home and the General Electric website.


Be Smarter, Go Solar!

1 - 2 People


  • Fridge
  • CFL Lamps 8
  • LCD TV
  • Fan
  • Washing machine ( 1 load a week )



2 - 3 People


  • Fridge
  • CFL Lamps 20
  • LCD TV
  • Washing machine ( 3 load a week )
  • Computer
  • Air Conditioner
  • Microwave



4+ People


  • Fridge
  • CFL Lamps 20
  • LCD TV
  • Washing machine ( 5 load a week )
  • Computer
  • Air Conditioner
  • Microwave
  • Vacuum cleaner



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